Why should I do grad school abroad?

Many students from the US are already doing grad school abroad and many are considering studying a degree program outside of the USA. A majority of these students are looking at doing grad school abroad. For instance, in 2008, up to 12500 students under took a graduate program in the United Kingdom. This figure rose to nearly 13,000 at the end of 2010 and by 2014, this figure was up to 15,800.

Around 3100 students studied towards a full degree program in Australia and an overwhelming majority studied towards a graduate degree. Countries such as New Zealand and Ireland to are attracting many many students all looking for grad schools abroad.

Whilst it is a small number of students when you consider how many students remain back in the USA, the trend is definitely there. It may not be for everyone and anyone, but it is attractive to the many that have realized how grad school abroad can give them the edge over their peers

Another important factor is the costs associated with studying in New Zealand. The cost of undertaking university study in New Zealand is certainly less than it is in the USA and even less compared to fees just across the Tasman in Australia. They range from around approximately USD12,000 to USD22,000 per annum.

So why do grad school abroad? There are many reasons. The following are a few of them:

  • Undertaking a degree program overseas will most certainly give you an edge over your peers from the following perspective. Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates who have that ‘international’ or ‘cross cultural’ know how. The world is getting smaller and smaller and whatever your career objectives, your communication skills are bound to be tested, in many occasions from a cross cultural point of view.
  • The application processes, acceptance to schools overseas is much more streamlined. There are also various organizations that help students with advice, applications processing, all at no cost to the applicant.
  • In most cases programs offered at schools overseas will be in-expensive compared to many graduate programs in the US
  • Several of these countries have legislated processes that say that they have to look after international students (that’s you), so you can be assured of a very high standard of education as well as a first class level of service.
  • In most cases you will not have to do a LSAT, GMAT type exams.
  • Almost in all cases these institutions will have Title IV status. Which means you will be eligible for financial aid. Please check with each institution for further information and confirmation.
  • The degree programs are recognized in the USA due to various agreements between the countries. However this may not be the case for professional degrees such as psychology, Law, Engineering, Medicine etc etc. It is always a good idea to contact your local professional body before you sign up for a foreign degree program.
  • The lifestyle factor. For instance Australia, New Zealand and Ireland definitely offer students a laid-back, less stressful study experience whilst providing you with an excellent quality of education.

Your reason(s) for studying towards grad school abroad, could be one or a combination of the above. Whatever the reason(s), no doubt it will be a life changing experience!

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