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Do I need a visa to undertake Gard School overseas? If so how do I go about getting one?

So you have been accepted into a school. Now what? If you donot have resident rights in that country, you will need a studnet visa. How do you get one?

Once you have been accepted a school, and paid your fees (usually a semester of tuition fees or your financial aid papers, the institution will send to you information on how obtain your visa. The process is fairly simple. In some cases you you will be able to apply for your visa online. But preparation is key and leave time between applying fro a your visa and the start of the semester. The key is, the more time you have the more prepared you will be for the journey ahead. Oh yes, before you can get a visa, you will need a passport. So if you dont have one, you will first need to get a passport.

The Visa process

Back to the visa...Bare in mind though, to study at a foreign institution, you will require a 'Student' Visa as opposed to a 'Tourist' visa. This means the costs will be slightly higher and you may (depending on the country of study and duration of the course) have to also obtain health insurance. The process too might be lengthy as well as at times seem complicated. If at any stage, you feel lost, just contact the university you are going to. They have a responsibility to assist you with the process.

Can I work part-time when I am at grad school?

Another consideration to keep in mind is that, some countries allow you to work part-time (or full time during your holidays) during your period of study. Its best to confirm your work rights with the institution directly. There are severe penalties for working without the suitable visa, even if it is unpaid work. So it pays to find out early.

Contact the local embassy

The best way to find out all the fact's relating to the visa is to either contact or at the least visit the website of the country's embassy in the USA. The embassy website in most cases will provide a great deal of information in regards to studying in that country and especially information relating to your student visa.

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